Vibrations I

March has always been my least favorite month; between the last dregs of winter built up like plaque on the ground and the cold wetness lingering on even the sunniest days, I get a sort of “crab”-in fever. During this time I get wrapped up in the material, what is lacking or where I am failing. I feel out of sync and vibrationally tone-deaf. My energetic field gets clouded with limiting belief systems. Ergo, I haven’t felt the confidence to post.

Vibrational energy is the matrix by which matter sustains shape and communicates within and outside of itself. The lowest vibrational frequencies create matter, whereas higher frequencies create light.  When we are feeling “down” or “low” it’s because our vibrational frequency is just that. It also seeks rhythm with our surroundings, which is why we can feel stuck in a cycle of negative events and actions that perpetuate our feelings of fear, anger or despair.

The highest vibrations we can sense are those that materialize as colors of light, so to raise your bodymind’s vibration actually makes you feel lighter and brings you closer to harmony. If you surround yourself with positive people, practice self-love, and face your fears with an open mind, you will attract countless opportunities and find yourself living your true potential.

Vibrational frequency is the magnet that attracts experiences. (1.)

It’s never easy to pull yourself out of your rut, and I am living proof that it’s surely not instant. However, even when I’m down I have a tiny part of me that doesn’t want to be there. It’s my true self reminding me that it’s my responsibility to practice raising my vibration, even little by little.

When we are overwhelmed by the material things in our lives, burdened by financial obligations, poor health or limiting belief systems, often we build the drama around them. This gives a false sense of importance to things that actually keep us down. Instead, we can practice the phrase, “I am important, I am enough”. It may feel superficial at first, but slowly and with mindfulness it can come around to be a powerful lifting tool. No one else can convince us of this, only ourselves.

Physical activity, the conscious choice to pump our own blood and move our lymphatic system also has a powerful effect on vibrational frequency. Every cell in the body has to work harder during exercise, creating more energy, more heat, and higher vibrations. I focus on the energetic rush when I’m feeling distracted, and breathe– oxygen is a fuel for our muscles.

If, when I catch my breath from a workout I still don’t feel like I’m living in my true self, I read or listen to an educational podcast. (Lately, I’ve been listening to podcasts on CranioSacral Therapy while I work out; the combo of nerding out and moving my body has been surprisingly motivational!) Acquiring knowledge creates a sense of accomplishment  by “working out” the brain, and it engenders compassion due to a greater understanding of the world around us.

These simple things, with routine, pulled me out of that mucky rut. When you’re vibrational frequency is higher, you see it in your decisions and relationships as well as feel it in your physical being. Plus, your body wants to function from a high vibe place, just think of all the light that surrounds you…

For a great arcticle about vibrational energy and more ideas to raise your frequency, check out (1.) Earth Unchained’s Vibrational Frequency: 23 Ways To Raise Your Positive Energy.


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