The law of attraction can be infinitely complex and extremely powerful. We are drawn to certain places and surrounded by certain people, we seem to fall into life patterns. And, this is not random, we attract it all with the energy we create and how we create it. This is why meditation, yoga and other grounding practices can be helpful in leading a positive life. Grounding allows us to fully process our energies and give them direction. Direction and force (passion) will cause the energy to resonate at a higher vibration leading to positivity.

We’re surrounded by so many distractions, however. It can be difficult to find the motivation to begin or continue a practice. Along the same lines of “buy yourself a water bottle that you like carrying/looking at to help remind you to drink more water”, having a designated space can help to focus the attention and settle the mind.

Altars have a long history in humanity and are generally used for worship, prayer or sacrifice. But let’s not get too literal. Contemporary altars can be any shape or size, and can be used to any focused purpose. Whether prayer is your thing or not, creating a small altar to honor your grounding practice is a visual reminder for those days when you “just don’t have the time”. It can be as simple as a dish with some family jewelry, a smooth rock from a special place and a candle.

I am a serial collector of tchotchkes–you know, small figurines, vessels, bones, stones–so my altars tend to get a little cluttered. I like to represent all four elements and I keep mementos of those who have passed to honor their memory. Currently, I have cut down to one altar, and am thinking of rearranging it as some of the items have become obsolete to me. And, that is okay too! Your altar should be a space you enjoy looking at and caring for, something that brings you calm. Place elements of things that are important to you. Create a space that you are drawn to.


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