Connecting to the Earth’s energy does not have to be as new agey as it sounds. And, being that it’s deep winter here up north, you don’t have to walk around outside barefoot either.

Grounding is a practice that helps us to make better decisions and lowers overall stress. When we are connected to that rooted energy, we can think more clearly and put forth positive action. Given the current social climate, we are tempted to fall into reaction. It requires less energy in the moment. When we react, the body mind becomes agitated, the fight or flight response is triggered. Without taking tiny moments to ground yourself, reaction will lead to inate stress. And we all know that it is unhealthy, nearly impossible, to live in a state of constant stress, right?

So, how to ground yourself.

It can be as easy as taking a mini meditation, 20 seconds focusing only on your breath. There is even an app for that on the AppleWatch. (Go Apple!) Let your feet come into contact with the floor/bottoms of your shoes, spread your toes a little, and breathe into the sensation of your energetic roots. Those few seconds can help to clear your mind, lower your cortisol and adrenaline levels, and help you move forward with positivity.

To heighten your grounding experience, hold crystals or use essential oils. Smoky quartz has a gentle centering effect, or if you’re looking for something more intense, Hematite is a rich dark stone with a magnetic nature. You can keep the stones at your workplace, or on an altar, and holding them will help their energy come into direct contact with your own. Essential oils can be blotted on the wrist, massaged into the bottoms of the feet, or used in a diffuser. Just make sure you are using 100% pure essential oils and a little goes a long way! I have found cedarwood, frankincense and black spruce my go to’s when I’m feeling flighty or anxious.

If crystals and oils aren’t your thing, you can take a walk. Touch the earth and foliage around you. Trees especially have a rich knowledge and carry deep grounding vibrations. You don’t have to hug a tree on your lunch break, although it will probably make you feel good. Just walk out and pick one, put your hand on its bark for a minute, focus on your breathing and feel the steady rooting energy. The sensory experience will remain with you for the rest of the day, and help keep you centered. And you will still look like a relatively normal person while doing so.

To really connect with your earth element, you can eat root vegetables, wear grounding colors (browns, deep muted greens, even rich reds and oranges), surround yourself with clay pottery and art, strike a few stable yoga poses (mountain, warrior I, child, tree), get a salt lamp, and disconnect from electricity for a while.

For further reference on some grounding crystals visit:

Please remember when using essential oils that some need to be diluted with light carrier oils and some have serious contraindications.


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