To Heal

A body worker as a healer. Know your capacity.

The opportunity to heal is exciting and inspiring. When I worked in a spa environment, I served a smaller purpose in the process of wellbeing, because the environment fostered a temporariness. And I enjoyed being able to provide those little luxuries.

However, when I am greeted with something different, when a client is open to the process of healing, what a gift! Here is an opportunity to use the life energy magic that is within each of us, to create vibrations that will ripple out beyond the session.

My practice consists of the physical body as well as the energetic one. I spend time listening during a formal and thorough intake about past issues and future goals; as well as through my hands during the session. It is amazing how a body can communicate. I feel breath and I feel tissues. I can feel stagnation and surplus, and rhythm. In order to treat, I must be adaptable to the body I am working with, to be noninvasive but persuasive.

I have many mantras that carry me into these sessions; I am enveloped in a warm light, this light is shareable; this light illuminates healing energy; I am a beacon of healing energy; my hands are sensitive, empathetic, magic; my heart is pure love and I have love to share with this person.

Intentions like this immediately send out energy with a positive vibration, creating space for trust. Trust that is so important to the healing session because it fosters clear verbal and non-verbal communication between the client and myself.

I am confident in the success of these techniques. I have seen it work and have been humbled. These sessions remind me that my work is not superficial and I am empowered by an obligation to my craft.

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